> Our Mission
Our Mission is to inspire preschool age
children to develop and execute simple
fundraising projects in an effort to assist
under privileged children and their
families. We want to nurture young
philanthropists and leaders while building
strong communication skills, empathy,
self-esteem and generosity.

> Our Vision
As we teach children that through their hard work and generosity they are able to help others who are less fortunate we hope they will begin to understand the importance of giving back and carry that spirit of empathy throughout their lifetime. We hope to help mold some of our future global leaders inspired with compassion and a desire to change the world.

> How we do it
Angel Share, Inc. provides interested kids, parents, teachers or preschools with the tools and inspiration to develop simple fundraising ideas to help others in need. We work to encourage other groups to take the Angel Share program into their home or preschool and help them find reputable organizations to work with also serving the needs of less privileged children and families.